Finding.Ground by Thomas Hoeffgen

finding.ground is a series of portraits illustrating how I see our relationship with climate change. The day I nearly drowned is the day I began to really fall in love with water, our earth, and this playground called life. There are a million possible ways to do this, everywhere, to make the best of it for ourselves – instead of drowning.

This evocative visual narrative inspires contemplation. The ethereal beauty of each frame serves as a mirror, reflecting our innate connection to the natural world and urging us to pause and reflect on our profound relationship with water. This project brings together art and environmental consciousness, harnessing the power of images to tell a story of humanity’s inseparable bond with this life-giving element.

As a photographer, I embark on a journey of exploration, capturing striking images that reveal the essence of being present. The photographs evoke a sense of urgency, reminding us that the consequences of our actions reverberate through the intricate web of life.

finding.ground seeks to initiate conversations and elevate awareness of climate change and its profound impact on the creative playground called our environment. In a world where the ripples of climate change ripple across continents, finding.ground reminds us that our actions, however small, carry the potential to create waves of positive change.

Through the lens of art, it fosters a profound connection with water, rekindling a sense of wonder and reverence for the lifeblood that sustains us all. For me, in the flow of water, you feel the real presence of life. You are present to your real self. That feeling is like finding.ground. I hope you will join me on my journey.

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